Nagrade 21. Luksuz festivala poceni filma

Jury of the 21th Luksuz Film Festival Hannah Koselj Marušič, Matic Drakulič and Matevž Jerman made a following decission:

“The program impressed us so much that we were forced to invent two more awards …

The award for remarcable performance goes to Maria Hillerin for the role of Mare in the film Between the edges of the day.

Award for the best devastating film poem goes to film The Steak.

For a wholesome, intimate experience, a lesson about loneliness and the importance of petting a lamb, we decided to give best documentary award to The Dream by Tamara Broćić.

And lastly, for a humourous answer to life’s most difficult questions, the award for best fiction film goes to The Mammoth!”

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