The 21th Luksuz Film Festival  will take place from November 24 – 25 at Grad Rajhenburg, Brestanica. Luksuz produkcija supports low-budget films created by new generations of filmmakers. For two days, we will host young filmmakers and establish a research platform for a wide variety of public screenings of short, low-budget films, as well as […]


CLOSE-FAR PT.1   SMALLTOWN MISS Alexandra Pärn, fiction, Estonia, 18’20” Miina has grown up in a safe home environment. That can’t be said about her best friend, Liidia. Besides having a beautiful friendship and doing normal teenage things in the Soviet smalltown, there is some darkness to be faced. Everything begins to change when Liidia […]


This year’s international selection of LFF 2023 21’ edition focuses on the topic of intersectionality approach to the social struggle. The program of this year wants to remember the power of cinema in an analysis of discrimination that highlights how different types of oppressions overlap, through space and time. Starting from the narratives about female’s […]


To explore more widely the spectrum of arts, this year’s LFF proposes various side programs during all the two days of the festival. On Friday 24th at 16:30h, the castle chapel will host the opening of the multi-channel video installation “LUCIDITY” for both days. Through this installation, the Lithuanian artist Arnis Aleinikovas will lead us […]

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