Film Workshops for Kids

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Luksuz produkcija film workshops provide children and adolescents with a learning environment in which they can learn more about the arts and crafts of creating film and media content, and the opportunity to develop their own voice and creativity. At DZMP, we are committed to improving media literacy among children and youth by offering effective tools to successfully navigate the saturated modern media landscape, as well as achieving a new level of empowerment by expressing their ideas, experiences, reflections and criticism through film and video. We want to introduce children and young people to various digital tools of visual storytelling, recording and editing, and at the same time help them increase their social sensitivity, awareness and social, political and cultural engagement.

Children and adolescents create in appropriate age groups, and experienced mentors guide them through all stages of the film production process. The mentors at our workshops are qualified professionals from various fields of film production as well as volunteers from the European Solidarity Unit (ESE). Their mission is to guide the participants along the way from the conceptual design and development of the story to its final realization on the film screen. The working languages in the workshops are Slovene and English, which enables children and young people to learn to overcome language barriers and actively use both their mother tongue and English in a playful and creative atmosphere. In doing so, we do our best to make all participants in our workshops feel comfortable and that their experience and learning are not limited by anything.


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