Documentary film workshop, DoKKu 2023

Through 13 days (20th July – 2nd of August 2023) young people from various ethnic, national, cultural, and social backgrounds will examine how we can as documentary filmmakers participate in public life through different media. The project will take place in Krško (Slovenia). Through the practical workshops on the making of short video documentaries, young […]

a Master Class by Igor Bezinović

To celebrate the Free Passage on the border with Croatia we organise a Master Class by Igor Bezinović, Film director from Croatia. Igor Bezinović (1983) graduated in Philosophy, Sociology and Comparative Literature from the Zagreb Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Film and TV Directing from the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art. He directed […]

Sighs and tears

Sighs and tears Slovenija, 2022, 4’20’’ Authors: Biljana Petković, Shonna Kelly, Valentina Pietroluongo, William O’Keeffe A short film that combines interviews with different landscapes. Personal stories of two men that share their feelings and life stories on how they were forced to oppress their emotions and never taught to be free in expressing them. Childhood […]

Dokku 2022, documentary film workshop, took place in Krško

Through 2 weeks in hot days of July from 18th to  20th of July 2022 young folks from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Ireland, France, Russia from various ethnic, national, cultural, and social backgrounds were researching socio-economic obstacles through the use of media. Young filmmakers with their different experiences were challenged to make a short documentary film […]

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