APPLY your films to 19th Luksuz Film Festival

19th LUKSUZ FILM FESTIVAL “Digital Democratisation”, the affordability and accessibility of the technique allow young and not yet established creators to be able to support themselves and their activities, views, views, criticism, etc. articulate (also) through modern media – video, film, internet. The Luksuz Film Festival aims to show short-term and low-budget productions of domestic […]

Film “A MIX-UP” at the International Short Film Festival in Italy

  The short feature film A MIX-UP,  directed by Lara Pavčnik, was included in the competition program of the Corti a Ponte 2021 International Short Film Festival (Italy). Congratulations! The film was made at the Youth film workshop by Luksuz Produkcija in co-operation with the Šmocl Association and the elementary School Primož Trubar Laško. More […]


Author: Rožana Švara, Documentary, experimantal, 5’04”, 2021 A short experimental documentary about Motherland and her children.           Add Director

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