Youth TV Magazine, November 2021

is a creative collaboration between young film/video-makers coming as European Solidarity Corps volunteers to Krško, their peers and various communities all over Slovenia.  Each month Mladinska oddaja presents a compilation of statements,  experiences and stories of real and not-so-real events, people and places offering young people – both the contributors and the viewers – the […]

Youth TV Magazine, October 2021

We present you a fresh Youth TV Magazine. In the October episode you can see: Guerilla Fashion Show by Maria Sorokina Halloween by Manipulator So Far, Nothing Is Fine by Anouk Schober Ahmed Al-Sheikh – Ya Nas Rahmuni My Beautiful Autumn by Mathilde Thiery Ištrijanske olje by Tjaša Tomc  

Youth TV Magazine, September 2021

Colors of Veles. Authors: Anouk Schober, Lana Beribak, Tjaša Tomc An immersion in Veles, an organic and sustainable farm, through a colorful and sounded experience.   Day in Veles. Avtorji: Anouk Schober, Lana Beribak, Tjaša Tomc Veles is a farm in Slovenia that fully supports the sustainable way of living. Owners of this peaceful place […]

Youth TV Magazine, August 2021

Overjam International Reggae Festival 2021 Author: Tyfenn Comparot and Anouk Schober “A postcard from the Overjam International Reggae Festival 2021 in Tolmin. ”   FEKK 2021 Authors: Maria Sorokina Aftermovie of FeKK Ljubljana short film festival 2021   FKK festival 2021 Authors: Diana Shikhalieva and Mathilde Thiery   RECIKLART FESTIVAL Authors: Mathilde Thiery and Tjaša […]


MLADINSKA ODDAJA, Julij 2021 Broken Chair A short comedy about recycling. Author: Mathilde Thiery & Anouk Schober   ONE DAY WITH VEGAN CHEF A portrait of a vegan chef who shares her passion and her involvement through a special recipe. Author: Mathilde Thiery   Postcard from Sajeta Festival. A short video showing the nighttime at […]


In front of you is a new Youth TV magazine, The authors prepared these new videos: BIG BIRDS, Author: Tyfenn Comparot “Each flight is worth doing, it makes the day beautiful. “ TO INFINITY AND BACK, Author: Maria Sorokina “Every human has a daily routine. But when the night comes, it’s time to return to our innocent […]

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