Mladinska oddaja, August 2022


Author: Ekaterina Zhuzhleva

5 Dimensions of Krško

A short trip around Krško to see what types of objects you can find here.



avtor: Maël Deback
Time passes by, people too. Trains come and go, full of these people killing time.


Leaving Slovenia

Avtorica: Diana Shikhalieva

Is a short portrait documentary about a Syrian refugee. Through one day driving around Ljubljana Ahmed shares his pleasures and struggles in life and honestly explains why he wants to leave Slovenia.


FEKK_Film festival

Avtorica: Alina Kozlova


The Soul of a Shadow

Avtorica: Valentina Pietroluongo

A small video made with shoots of kids projection during FeKK festival and a reflection about our inner child. Special thanks to Alina Kozlova and Salomé Menuge who were shooting with Valentina that day of the festival.


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