Toshiro’s heritage

Toshirova Zapuščina / Toshiro’s heritage Slovenija, 2022, 12’19’’ Authors: Viktor Radić, Darja Radić   Short fiction film about an Irishman who finds out his ethnical identity as partly Slovene and as well Japanese. On the way to coming closer to his roots and finding out his family’s heritage the man faces the rough reality.


Author: Rožana Švara, Documentary, experimantal, 5’04”, 2021 A short experimental documentary about Motherland and her children.           Add Director

Still Melodies

Still Melodies, Author Lea Teraž, Documentary, 4′, 2020   “A glimpse into an unruffled rural life, where stillness speaks louder than words.”   

Birds don’t cry

Birds Don’t Cry Avtorji: Yuliya Kogol, Lúa López Ribes, Slovenija, 2019, 2’33’’   One day you realise you can’t. You ask the others when did they learn. Nobody seems to remember. When you explain it to other people they laugh, it’s not so important. They don’t understand and it bothers you, a lot.   

Stay Alert

Stay Alert, Author: Natasha Graves, Slovenija, Experimental 2020, 4’17’’   A short fiction video portraying how the quarantine experience and government communications has heightened anxiety in society. Leading to intense internal conflicts over everyday things such as going to the shop or crossing the street.

Be Pavadinimo Pt.1

No / Be Pavadinimo Pt.1, Ugnė Jakšaitytė, Slovenija, 2020, 1’41’’, fiction, experimental   A visualization for a poem written by Kamilė Radauskaitė.

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