Youth TV Magazine, March 2022

In this month Youth TV Magazine you can watch next episodes:


DAN ŽENA, avtorica: Anouk Schober, Diana Shikhalieva, Tjaša Tomc

A report on how International women’s rights day is celebrated in Slovenia, Ljubljana. Throughout the whole day we spoke with different Slovenian women sharing their thoughts on why this day is important and why every day should be the 8th of March. In the end of the reportage you can find organisations and communities that support women’s rights.


8. FEBRUAR, Avtorice: Kaja Rakušček, Tjaša Tomc, Vlentina Piertoluango, Anouk Schober

“Kratka reportaža slovenskega kulturnega praznika.”



DONT WORRY, BE HAPPY?  Avtorica: Mathilde Thierry

A project of Vox pops started in France by interviewing people about their happiness. The idea was to meet random people in the street and to ask them about : how they feel right now with the news ( covid, war, elections.. ), what are the reasons for their happiness, are they happy in their life nowadays…The visual part was filmed in Krsko, in Slovenia because people didn’t want to be filmed in France so it’s kind of a mix of two different communities joined together around the same topic.


CLEANING SAVA, montaža: Alina Kozlova


SEŠIJMO SI KRILA, avtor: Manipulator

“A reportage about the sewing workshop in Krško”


FILMSKA DELAVNICA V NOVEM SADU, avtorji: Manipulator, Tomaž Pavkovič, Alina Kozlova


NI PLANETA B, avtorica: Alina Kozlova, Anouk Schober

“A report on how the youth is demanding the government to respect ecology matters in today’s climate crisis through a protest in Ljubljana. ”

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