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Monthly youth video magazine MLADINSKA ODDAJA on Luksuz produkcija Youtube channel.

Youth video magazine MLADINSKA ODDAJA (The Youth Show) is a creative collaboration between young film/video-makers coming as European Solidarity Corps volunteers to Krško, their peers and various communities all over Slovenia.

Each month Mladinska oddaja presents a compilation of statements, experiences and stories of real and not-so-real events, people and places offering young people – both the contributors and the viewers – the potential for cultural and social participation and self-representation. The process of work on the monthly edition of the Mladinska oddaja responds to the practices of amateur film/video production based on concepts such as co-creation, participation and engagement when young people perform as film/videomakers developing short videos from scratch. Youngsters get help from the established industry professionals such as film directors, DOPs, editors and journalists at all stages of video making for the Mladinska oddaja. Visiting and regular film mentors assist young people in (dis)covering underreported issues and local stories, experimenting with new storytelling formats and developing skills for independent media production.

Since 2002 Mladinska oddaja has been inviting young people to collaborate across nations, generations and identities to highlight solutions to our shared challenges, to focus on people, communities and their stories. For too long, the mainstream media have been preoccupied maintaining the status quo, which is more profitable for the corporate world, ignoring the bigger picture and interconnectedness of people living around the world. Mladinska oddaja is here to challenge it by encouraging young people to play an active part in shaping the media landscape and thus becoming active participants in their own environments.

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