Luksuz produkcija has been a production brand of the Soft Landing Allies Association (DZMP) from Krško since 1997. Their premises have become an important “media classroom” for young video writers and a production center for a new generation of filmmakers. Luxury production in Slovenia is one of the pioneers of democratization of film as a medium.

More than a thousand participants in film workshops and volunteers of DZMP Luksuz produkcija have created hundreds of short films over the last twenty years over various projects. The short films Luksuz produkcije are often hosted at film festivals all over the world, while also winning awards and bringing recognition and visibility to established young authors and the DZMP production brand. In 2015, at the 16th Slovenian Film Festival, she was awarded the Vesna Award for Special Achievements for a “series of engaged documentary interventions in which film is brought to the street and street to film”.

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