International Documentary Film Workshop: DoKKu 2021

DZMP Luksuz produkcija from Krško invites interested young people between 18 and 30 years of age to an international documentary film workshop, which will take place in Krško between 11 and 24 July under the guidance of mentors director Želimir Žilnik, one of the biggest names in Yugoslav film, and directors Miha Možina, Boris Petković, […]

ZOOM-IN: Volunteer with refugees & Migrants

ZOOM-IN: VOLUNTEER WITH REFUGEES & MIGRANTS In the 5th episode of the ZOOM-IN virtual talk series, we discuss the work of volunteers with the refugees and migrants in Slovenia. Our guests are Valentina Murati, volunteer at Mladinski Center Krško, Elena Trajkova from Slovenska filantropija and Eilian Cherel, voluneer at ZAVOD ARS VIVA. Hosts of the […]


In front of you is a new Youth TV magazine, The authors prepared these new videos: BIG BIRDS, Author: Tyfenn Comparot “Each flight is worth doing, it makes the day beautiful. “ TO INFINITY AND BACK, Author: Maria Sorokina “Every human has a daily routine. But when the night comes, it’s time to return to our innocent […]

Film “A MIX-UP” at the International Short Film Festival in Italy

  The short feature film A MIX-UP,  directed by Lara Pavčnik, was included in the competition program of the Corti a Ponte 2021 International Short Film Festival (Italy). Congratulations! The film was made at the Youth film workshop by Luksuz Produkcija in co-operation with the Šmocl Association and the elementary School Primož Trubar Laško. More […]


Author: Rožana Švara, Documentary, experimantal, 5’04”, 2021 A short experimental documentary about Motherland and her children.           Add Director


In this show you can watch the following videos: HOMELAND by Rožana Švara Slovenian spring 2021. CROSSROAD by Diana Shramchenko, A short film about crossing paths. And for a little bit about the chaos that woven into everyday life. So what happens at the crossroads? COURAGEOUS NEW WORLD  by  Rožana Švara & Tjaša TomcClosing the […]

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