Tito, Nasser & Nehru

Tito, Nasser and Nehru, Fayza Harby, Savyasachi Anju-Prabir, Slovenija, 2019, 5′

Nastopajo: Dzinic Husein, Aldzic Esmir, Redzepovic Sejad, Duro Staresina, Slavec Hocevar


“Fayza from Egypt and Savyasachi from India have been trying to have a conversation with the workers, who come to work in Krsko from Bosnia and Herzegovina and other Ex-Yougoslavian countries, Albania and Kosovo. The first day the workers were fine with filming, but the next day there were just signs of their work on the streets…”


Filmed at the DZMP International documentary film workshop Youth&Media Engagement in Krško, 2019.

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