Documentary Film Workshop DoKKu will take place in Krško in July 2022

Through 13 days (17 – 30 July 2022) young people from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Ireland… from various ethnic, national, cultural, and social backgrounds will focus on the socio-economical obstacles through the use of media. We will examine how we can as documentary filmmakers participate in public life through different media. The project will take place in Krško (Slovenia).
Through the practical workshops on the making of short video documentaries, young people will gain media-making skills enabling them to establish a more effective public voice. Our products – video and film documentaries – will be presented at the final public projection, followed by a discussion. Later they will be shown on different film festivals, public projections, and the internet.
Through the exchange, we hope to promote and develop a larger capacity of communication between individuals from different cultures, a more flexible attitude to the context of cultural diversity in Slovenia as well as in other European countries, and the recognition of the common heritage of humanity.

More info about the workshop

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