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One of the main problems facing the world today is the ecological crisis. Yes, we have heard this word so many times that some of us even stopped to pay attention to it. But the problem is still growing and growing every day and requires urgent action. So, as part of the Luksuz production team, we decided to talk about this with representatives of the young generation, who, after all, need to think about it in particular. We gave young activists the opportunity to share their opinions on the problem and suggest solutions for its solution. Our guests are Nicoleta and Katrin, who represent the global movement Youth for Climate Justice in Slovenia.



Participants: *

Nicoleta Nour Contacts: nicoleta.nour@tutanota.com Mladi za podnebno pravičnost Brežice (https://www.facebook.com/mzppbrezice) Instagram: @mzpp_brezice E-mail: mzppbr@gmail.com *

Katrin Žnidarčič Mladi za podnebno pravičnost (https://www.facebook.com/mladizapodnebnopravicnost) (youth for climate justice) Instagram: @solski.strajk E-mail: mladizapodnebnopravicnost@gmail.com

If you would like to join the Mladi za podnebno pravičnost you can use the contacts above or to fill this questionnaire:

Hosts: * Diana Shramchenko, Masha Sorokina, Tyfenn Comparot, the team of DZMP Luksuz produkcija.

To see where we are now and what we can do, we also recommend you to watch the documentary “David Attenborough: A life on our planet (2020)”.

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