Youth TV Magazine, November 2021

is a creative collaboration between young film/video-makers coming as European Solidarity Corps volunteers to Krško, their peers and various communities all over Slovenia.  Each month Mladinska oddaja presents a compilation of statements,  experiences and stories of real and not-so-real events, people and places offering young people – both the contributors and the viewers – the potential for cultural and social participation and self-representation.


Feminism in Krško

Author: Anouk Schober & Diana Shikhalieva

“Short documentary that captures what people in Krško think about feminism and parallely reflects on the sexism in the advertisement industry. ”


LIfe of Volunteers

Avtor: Mathilde Thiery

“A docu vlog which reveals the life of volunteers at Luksuz Produkcija, mixing our professional and personal life.”




Iavtor: Kaja Rakušček

Palindrome is a word or a phrase that reads the same backwards as forwards. Accompanied by the sounds of a ticking clock, we explore ten visual palindromes found in Krško.

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